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"KEGUMS (Latvia) 7 June 2024 – It’s time for round nine of the MXGP World Championships as we make our annual journey to the Baltic state of Latvia and the challenging sandy terrain of Kegums for what is sure to be another weekend of thrilling action in MXGP!..."

The Zelta Zirgs Motocenter in the centre of the country, just an hour’s drive from the capital of Riga, is hosting its 19th MXGP event this weekend, and the soft terrain is a welcome sight for many sand-riding experts, with Jeffrey Herlings holding the record number of GP wins here, 7 in total!

The fight at the top of MXGP is proving to be an epic one in 2024, with just two points separating reigning World Champion Jorge Prado and his predecessor, five-time title winner Tim Gajser. Herlings is now up to third in the standings and heads to the track in this year’s calendar that he has had the most success at, including his most recent victory here a year ago, so The Bullet will be well up for repeating that result!

The MX2 World Championship is building into a fantastic internal teammates’ battle, with Lucas Coenen riding the wave of a three-GP winning streak and now up into second in the standings behind fellow Nestaan Husqvarna rider Kay de Wolf! The last time we saw these two go at it in sand was in Sardegna, and the question is still open as to who is the sand master between them! They will both want to claim it and it should make for a stunning confrontation!

Below you can find a list of TV channels that will air LIVE and delayed action of the MXGP of Latvia, as well as the 26-minute Behind The Gate magazine show featuring the best moments from the races, exclusive interviews and more. All of this footage will be available on and via our TV magazine partners following the Grand Prix.

As always, MXGP fans can follow the races LIVE throughout the weekend. All you need to do is log onto Saturday and Sunday, from wherever you are in the world. Come and join us for the continuation of this incredible 2024 MXGP season!



Sunday June 9th 2024 – MX2 Race 2 – 15:00 CET – LIVE
Sunday June 9th 2024 – MXGP Race 2 – 00:45 CET – Delayed


Sunday June 9th 2024 – MXGP Race 2 – 16:00 CET – LIVE Streaming


Sunday June 9th 2024 – MX2 Race 1 – 12:00 CET – LIVE
Monday June 10th 2024 – MXGP Race 1 – 10:00 CET – Delayed
Monday June 10th 2024 – MX2 Race 2 – 11:00 CET – Delayed
Monday June 10th 2024 – MXGP Race 2 – 12:00 CET - Delayed


Monster Energy MXGP of France LIVE MXGP-TV.COM Timetable


Studio Show 11.00 - 11.30
EMX125 Race 1 13.55 - 14:35
EMX250 Race 1 14:40 - 15:20
MX2 RAM Qualifying 15:25 - 16:05
MXGP RAM Qualifying 16:10 - 16:50


EMX125 Race 2 08:40 - 09:40
EMX250 Race 2 10:50 - 11:50
MX2 Race 1 12:00 - 13:00
MXGP Race 1 13:00 - 14:00
MX2 race 2 15:00 - 16:00
MXGP Race 2 16:00 - 17:00


SATURDAY: 8:20 EMX125 Group 1 Free practice, 8:50 EMX125 Group 2 Free practice, 9:20 EMX250 Free practice, 9:50 EMX125 Group 1 Qualifying Practice, 10:30 MX2 Time Practice, 11:00 MXGP Free Practice, 12:20 EMX125 Group 2 Qualifying Practice,13:00 EMX250 Qualifying Practice, 13:40 MX2 Time Practice, 14:15 MXGP Time Practice, 15:00 EMX125 Race 1, 15:45 EMX250 Race 1, 16:35 MX2 RAM Qualifying Race, 17:25 MXGP RAM Qualifying Race.

SUNDAY: 09:45 EMX125 Race 2, 10:25 MX2 Warm-up, 10:45 MXGP Warm-up, 11:30 EMX250 Race 2, 13:15 MX2 Race 1, 14:15 MXGP Race 1, 16:10 MX2 Race 2, 17:10 MXGP Race 2.

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